Calling All Artists! (yes, I’m talking to YOU): 3 Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

June 14, 2012

I used to think that the word “art” referred only to painting, sculpting, drawing and the like since every art class I ever took in school focused on these types of forms. Over the years, I’ve expanded my definition of art and artist to include everyone. I believe we are each given unique gifts/talents that we are specifically designed to share, which is why they come so natural to us, because that’s simply what it is: nature. It’s what we are made for and often because it is so natural to us we overlook our own greatness, perhaps assuming if we are great at it then everyone else must be, too, or perhaps down playing it to be no big deal or nothing special. With this kind of thinking, we couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That’s what happened with me and my photography. It’s a natural gift. I’ve taken literally one class and never felt called to take more, however I’m constantly and consistently called to capture the world around me the way I see it through the lens of a camera. It took me years to call myself a photographer and I’ve only just recently started viewing myself as an artist. And photography’s kind of an obvious form or at least commonly referred to as art! Imagine if your art is writing computer programs or working in customer service. The truly great ones have a natural “knack” for it and do it everywhere they go because that’s who/how they were made to be.  Great artists, no matter the form of expression, move us emotionally, impact and inspire us, and I believe they do this because the truly great ones teach how to see God/Love/the Magic of Life by showing/sharing/offering us the way they see God/Love/Life (the unseen behind the seen).

A concept/gift I pulled from a novel I once read is the concept that in order to create a masterpiece, each part of the slab of marble which is to be sculpted must agree to do their part in contributing to the final work of genius. Part of that marble must agree to be chipped away in order to contribute to the overall masterpiece. The ones that chip away are just as valuable, precious, important and amazing as the ones that stay to create the final piece. Each must play their role, releasing and letting going with ease and faith, they are doing their part perfectly. In life, our relationships (with others, ourselves and life) are much like the marble, with some contributing to the final masterpiece by simply leaving our life. We must chip away the beliefs, habits, relationships, and parts of ourselves that no longer serve us and allow them to honor their role in our masterpiece/gift to God/the World, to best serve all by being released. Let them go so they my serve as they have agreed to do so.

Naturally, the word-artist in me had to explore what was at the root of the word “art.” Surprisingly what I found upon scrolling down to the origin & history of “art” was the word: “Be,” which comes from: “grow, come into being, become.” To me, this is a clear indication that “art” applies to us and we are artists creating art simply through our Be-ing. We are all artists and our gift, how we offer/contribute it to the world is our art; our life is our masterpiece work of genius.

Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you and accepting me as the artist I am designed to be.

3 Simple Steps to Discovering Your Art:

  • Take a moment now to think of what your natural gifts are. Many of us have more than one, so make a list. What areas do you naturally succeed in and what areas are you drawn toward exploring?
  • What do you find yourself doing when you can do anything you’d like? Think beyond taking a nap, or relaxing in some fashion, or cleaning the house, or meeting some other need. Think from the perspective that all those needs were met, what would you do then?
  • If you are having a hard time thinking of something, ask those closest to you in life—family, friend, partner—and they will help shed some light in areas that may surprise you.


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4 Responses to “Calling All Artists! (yes, I’m talking to YOU): 3 Steps to Discovering Your Purpose”

  1. Thank you for taking on a word that is very dear to me! The very word “art” makes my heart sing and my mind expand 🙂 Now, with your explanation of it’s roots, I know better, why. It’s my very being becoming…this urge inside of me to create and express!

    • Thank you Joy for assisting me in honoring my artist within simply through your courageous example of owning and displaying your art 🙂 I thought of you when I explored the word and I am delighted to have redefined a word that means so much to you AND have you appreciate my interpretation (: I appreciate your kind words, feedback and never-ending support!

  2. I realized a few years ago that my art is organizing! I had always wished I could paint and draw. But then I realized that organization and simplicity is my art expression. 🙂

    • I so appreciate your gift of organization! One thing I’ve learned through observing the world is that many do not come by this form of art naturally–you are a true gift to the world 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, feedback and (like Joy) your never-ending support!!

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