7 Questions to Evaluate How You Are Minding Your Business

April 23, 2012

Business is a funny word. Many of us either have one or work for one, we all rely on them, everyone’s interested in each others’, or at least at times it seems to be that way. Being a business owner for going on four years now, I believe I’ve learned just as much, if not more, about owning a business as I may have had I been working toward my MBA or other business-focused line of formal education. Over the years I’ve learned, tested and discovered what works in all areas of my life, beyond the business success I was seeking during the process. An unexpected beautiful gift that entrepreneurship has offered me is the opportunity to not only grow a business, I discovered my authentic self, peace of mind, and self-love in the process…all of which I deem extremely important, if not vital, to a successful business.

With all the facts, focus, hiding, assuming, success, etc…involved in all aspects of everybody’s business, I felt it worth our time to look at the root of the word “business.” What I found was: “care, anxiety, occupation.” Finding “occupation” was no surprise for me; however “care” and “anxiety” expanded my thoughts of “business” and caused me to re-evaluate my thoughts around “occupation,” as well. What we surround ourselves with, what we carry around with us, and what we give to that which is around us, is all included when we refer to our “business.” This perspective brings up some self-examining questions for me that I encourage you to take a moment to reflect over, as well:

  1. What am I occupying myself with, both personally & professionally?
  2. How am I expressing my care for others, both personally & professionally?
  3. How can I best express my care for others, both personally & professionally?
  4. How am I caring for myself, both personally & professionally?
  5. What triggers my anxiety, both personally & professionally?
  6. Where/How can I alleviate my anxieties, both personally & professionally?
  7. How is my business a reflection of what I am caring for, feeling anxiety around, & occupying myself with, both personally & professionally?

One of the most serving tools I utilize extensively throughout all areas of my life, and a simple concept that anyone committed to creating an authentic life can easily master, is embracing the fact that the “how” is none of our business. Life/God/the Universe takes care of the how, it always does, and it always will. What is my business, is how I choose to show up in each moment, both personally and professionally. Clearly knowing what is and what is not my business has allowed me to focus my energy on that which I am responsible for, and release my desire to (and the illusion of) control that which is beyond my authority—such as what choices others make, how to obtain that which I desire, and what result will come from my actions or lack-there-of. By doing so, I have discovered a flow and an ease to my business—again, both personally & professionally—and I can allow others to mind their own business as I fully focus my energy on minding mine. The more I mind my personal business, the more successful I am at minding my professional business, reminding me once again of a truth one of my mentors taught me years ago: How we do anything, is how we do everything.

*resource dictionary.com

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One Response to “7 Questions to Evaluate How You Are Minding Your Business”

  1. Your point about not worrying about the “how” is huge! I, too, have learned that when I remember that my business IS serving God/Love, and I am consciously aligned/surrendered to THAT…everything does, indeed, fall right into place. Thank you for another great post, Crissy!

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