See No Evil: 3 Steps to Seeing the Truth in Others

April 13, 2012

One of the lessons that has served me well in finding and maintaining my peace of mind, is the knowledge that everyone wants to be seen and heard. Everyone wants to know that they matter. And they do. I often talk about seeing people and when I do I mean beyond following them with your eyes. I refer to seeing through the outside, physical aspect of a person, what they present to you, and see into the truth of who they are; their essence, which I believe to be of the divine persuasion.

I noticed the difference between the two definitions, so I decided to get to the root of the word “see” to see (hehehe…) exactly what the word we so commonly use came from. One of the original meanings of the word to see was: “to recognize the force of (a demonstration).” How perfectly I find this fits with my use of the word. Being able to see past the physical and focus only on the divine force of nature each person is, regardless of how they demonstrate themselves to be, is the key to unlocking the power (gift to the world) each person holds within.

Since putting this philosophy to work, I easily move past the initial irritation I feel being created within myself while in the presence of certain people. When I feel this agitation begin to rise, I use it as an indicator to let me know its time see, hear and let them know they matter. Once I make this shift, not only does my irritation relieve, I also am able to pass along one of the sweetest gifts known to human kind: authentic validation. I believe that the more someone knows how much they matter, the more authentic, beautiful, kind, loving, humble and generous they become. I encourage you to try this for yourself. Challenge yourself to see nothing other than a person in need of being seen, heard, and reminded that they too matter and are an important part of this world we are all sharing together.

Here are three simple steps to truly see others:

  1. Accept the divine perfection of all creation.
  2. Remember others only agitate when they are unaware of how much they matter.
  3. Shift your energy usually used to focus on your agitation to look past what meets the eye, and discover what gift(s) the other person has to offer to the world. (It’s always there, so keep looking until you find it.)

If you are into paying kindness forward, I recommend an additional step for an extra win-win situation:

4. Validate them by letting them know the greatness you see inside them.

Now, go out and practice! Get your own results, discover your own truth.


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