5 Questions to Re-Evaluate Your Self-Rewards – How Do You “Treat” Yourself?

February 28, 2012

Many of you have heard me share my belief that life is reflecting back to us everything that we need to learn about ourselves and easily navigate through life. The common resistance I get from others upon hearing this belief is a sharing of examples of unkind actions/words others do/say toward them and how they never do that to them or to others. Usually it only takes a couple of questions before they realize a profound truth about themselves that they were previously not conscious of. Often, many have the same awakening that I had which lead me to experiencing for myself the truth behind this belief system. An awakening to the fact that many of the unkind, non-serving things I was giving to cause a like return, were more often than not things I do to myself or justify doing to others (and yes, others feel justified in their actions, too-even those who choice to be unkind to us) .

One area I have recently discovered that I subconsciously or seemingly justified in making unkind, non-serving choices is how I reward myself. For a while now, I have been conscious to the fact that many people-my past self included-refer to an indulgent, decadent, or simply tasty snack or dessert as a treat, only to feel guilty, shameful, disappointed or some other self-deprecating feeling and/or self-talk afterward, if not before and during, your supposed reward for yourself. Doesn’t sound like much of a “treat “to me; however I unconsciously repeated this cycle for longer than I can remember.  If you do not relate with this experience, that is awesome, and I’m sure you can find the essence of what I’m referring to in some situation in your life if it is still reflecting undesired results.

Although it was not my original intention to redefine the word treat, sometimes blogs write themselves, as this one ended up doing when my curiosity lead me to look at the root of the word. What I found to the root of the word treat is: “negotiate, bargain, deal with.” Once again, the light of wisdom shines in my mind and I realize that’s exactly what treats are, along with being a reflection of how we literally treat ourselves. Treats and how we treat ourselves physically and emotionally, are opportunities to reflect-and see reflected back-how we negotiate, bargain, and deal with ourselves. We miss the opportunity to make the serving choice, the one that truly reflects how much we love and honor ourselves, when allow how we feel physically or emotionally in the moment to stop us from making that choice that is in alignment with the highest good of all involved. Thus, the cycle continues, allowing us to unconsciously continue the non-serving cycle that supports an old belief system, built on misperceptions and untruths that we consciously know do not serve us.

So here are a few questions you may consider spending some time to reflect on in order to shine some conscious light on how you are treating yourself:

  • How do you treat yourself? (rewards, self-talk, self-judgments, actions, etc)
  • Do you treat yourself in a serving way, with rewards that are in alignment with your dreams and goals?
  • Or do you treat yourself based on what serves your emotions in the moment?
  • Are you committed to treating yourself with 100% unconditional love and acceptance or are you committed to struggle and frustration
  • What are some rewards you can give yourself that make your heart sing, and are in alignment with were you desire to take your life?

*resource dictionary.com

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5 Responses to “5 Questions to Re-Evaluate Your Self-Rewards – How Do You “Treat” Yourself?”

  1. One of the ways I love to treat myself is by reading your posts!

  2. You ladies are so awesome! Thank you for your kind words and support 🙂 Feel free to share this post with others!

  3. […] still enjoying your favorite treats (For a fresh perspective on “treats”, read my post: 5 Questions to Re-Evaluate Your Self-Rewards). Feeling lighter already? These are just the highlights of living a life of health […]

  4. […] still enjoying your favorite treats (For a fresh perspective on “treats”, read my post: 5 Questions to Re-Evaluate Your Self-Rewards). Feeling lighter already? These are just the highlights of living a life of health […]

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