Divine Desire

February 21, 2012

In a world of instant gratification mentality, brought on by a string of fast food, faster technology and communications, and a quick-response mentality, it’s well known fact that we are all brimming full of desires, dreams and wanting. Few people in the world, let alone in our day to day lives appear to be truly satisfied and without need or longing. Many (if not all) of my clients come to me for that very reason. There’s a need, desire, wanting within them that keeps them awake at night, separate from their peace, and living in a perpetual “grass is greener,” “if only” and “one day…” mindset. So, what’s up with all this wanting and the insatiable desires within? And what about the really big ones? Are they unreachable dreams designed to keep us wanting and never actually obtainable? Is this just a cruel part of the human experience and we will never be truly satisfied or left with the only option being to settle for something less if we are to have any peace at all? Well, let’s explore this together, shall we?


One of my mentors taught me something that forever changed my life, empowered me to begin living into my full potential and begin authentically fulfilling my desires. He taught me that what we want wanted us before we knew that we even wanted it, and that we are the only ones keeping that which we desire from coming into our lives. This philosophy really spoke to me and confirmed the Divine perfection I believe we are all created to be. We are perfectly designed to receive and achieve everything that we desire, so much so that we were perfectly designed and created to do exactly that, which is why the seed of desire was planted in our hearts to begin with. That’s why we want what we want; it’s what we are here to do. It is our internal compass pointing toward purpose.


Intrigued by these thoughts of desire, and on a mission to possibly eliminate the void of lacking-ness that seems to accompany my desires (the not having which is obvious to me when I think of what I desire), I decided to get to the root of the word’s meaning to see what was there. This is what I discovered: “await what the stars will bring.” Holy awesomeness! (Literally.) This desire within is the sensation created while we await what the stars/the Universe/God/Spirit/Life will bring. I feel lighter, more inspired, and more on-track then ever with this expanded understanding of the word desire. Now, I can use this sensation of desire to remind me that I am perfectly on-track to fulfilling my purpose, perfectly designed to succeed, not simply lacking or being without. Use your desire to steer you toward your purpose, and as a reminder that you are fully equipped to triumph. The seed of desire was planted within you, and only you can allow it to grow, nurtured by faith & self-love, into the beautiful gift you are to this world.

Thank you for being a part of my world. It wouldn’t be the same without you 🙂

*resource dictionary.com

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2 Responses to “Divine Desire”

  1. This is right in alignment with my intention in trusting the Universe fully “await what the stars will bring”. What I want wants me! thank you!

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