Trading Up Trying for Being

January 16, 2012

We’re all likely familiar with the advice: “…try, try again,” when we’ve come up short of our desired result or destination. What if it’s all the “trying” that’s keeping us from getting where we long to be? To better understand what I mean, let’s take a look at the root of the word try: “examine judiciously, sit in judgment of.” How can we go anywhere when we are sitting in judgment?

In fact, now that I mention it, anytime I do try to do something verses actually doing it, there’s usually quite a bit of judgment running through my mind. I judge the situation, the possible outcomes, along with my own abilities and how they may or may not positively affect my endeavor. In order to follow through, prove my capability and succeed (which, if you remember from my previous post simply means taking action), I must put a stop to all the trying and get into the doing, or rather the be-ing so the doing happens naturally as a side-effect, necessary to accomplish my set goal.

Afterall, it is not our responsibility to ensure anything gets done. The doing is outside of our human jurisdiction. The Universe/God/Nature/Life/Whatever you want to call it takes care of that part. All we have to do is show up and be the essence of what we desire. Trying will only lead to frustration, disappointment, and false conclusions. Release the judgment and prove you’re capable by getting into action and being exactly who you are, which is divine perfection by design. When you allow yourself to be the infinite potential that you are by creation and there is no trying, only being, which is the catalyst for all the doing.


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2 Responses to “Trading Up Trying for Being”

  1. Amazing! I am BEING this week and I am feeling incredible. Thanks for the insights and your ability to inspire in 3 short paragraphs!

  2. Wonderful post, Crissy! I thank God that I have you in my life to remind me of these powerful practices and to be such an amazing example of how actually putting them to use can change our lives in such awesome ways. And, I echo JoAnne’s sentiments…your ability to be concise is fantastic!

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