Family Roots

January 9, 2012

For myself, the holidays are all about time with family—those related by blood or love. Being able to spend time with my loved ones is such a treat and something I look forward to at any given opportunity. For many, the opposite seems to be the case. I overhear people complain about their family members, resist involvement with them, holding onto grudges, feeling frustrated with the choices and actions made by relatives, and an overall lack of forgiveness and unconditional love. While my heart soars at the word family, I realize that this is not so for others. So why not redefine it for all of us? I believe I will… 🙂

When I looked into the origins of the word family, the roots of the word strengthened and shifted my perspective in a way that will forever change my life. I found the root of family to be: “servants of a household.” Wow! For as much as I love and cherish my family, it has never occurred to me that the very essence of the word means to be of service to those in my household. How would the relationships within families around the world transform if we all adopted this definition? We would release frustrations, resentments, heartaches, and so much more if we shifted our thoughts to focus to how can I serve those around me? What can I give in this moment? Instead of withholding our love, acceptance, and support until they make the choices we desire them to make, why not simply surrender the resistance, and replace it with a true heart of service. This will transform our chores into choices, and our fears into faith.

Personally, for me, I am bringing this sense of family into the world with me, and extending it beyond the people that I grew up or currently share a roof with. For me, anyone that shares in my experiences in this life is part of my household, even if it’s for only a moment. I strive to move through life with a heart of service for everyone that crosses my path simply because we share the roof of the world. We are truly in this together. And the greatest service I can give—to myself and to others—is to release labels I previously thought I had to live by, and give myself permission to be wholly and completely, simply and beautifully, who I was created to be…which is perfectly ME.


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One Response to “Family Roots”

  1. I like the concept of the world being my roof and all my fellow beings as my family. As servant to my household, I intend to be a source of possibility, peace and true happiness. Thank you Crissy for all the good you bring out in me!

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