Guaranteed to Succeed in 2012

January 2, 2012

As we sit at the start of a new year, many are reflecting over 2011 in order to deem it a success or not. This process generally leads to stirring up a mix of excitement and anxiousness over rather 2012 will bring more success, as well. Success is another seemingly positive word that everyone strives for, yet can cause a variety of emotions including fear, dread and apprehension. As a gift to all of you for the new year, I’m offering a new perspective for defining success, which may assist you in coming into your peace and empowerment.

When I looked into the roots of the word success, I found the word originated from a much simpler place than the pedestal so many of us commonly set success upon. The root of success is simply: result or outcome. So what’s my point? Success is a result of doing. Period. End of story. Where do we get off-track? We miss the mark by judging the result as good/bad, right/wrong, or positive/negative, instead of viewing the fact that the action we took was success itself. One of my mentors taught me there is no failure, only feedback. This feedback is success.

To expand a bit more, I also found that a Successor is simply “one who comes after.” Through our actions and results, we evolve as a person. This evolution causes changes within us that are not possible to undo. You cannot undo an experience once it happens, so as a result, we carry forward and continue on as the one who comes after the experience. We are the successor of the experience, regardless of what the results look like. The more action we take, the more results we acquire, the more successful, or full of results or outcomes, we become. The laws of the Universe guarantee success. Knowing this, what action can you take to gather your success right now?



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3 Responses to “Guaranteed to Succeed in 2012”

  1. This simplifies success and makes it so much more tangible for me. Success is my results, my outcomes so that means everything I do is a success! Thank you!! 🙂

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  3. […] accomplish, finish, and to perform…simply to take action. Much like I found at the root of success (result or outcome), perfection occurs in taking action. All action, any action, is therefore perfect. Proof even […]

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