Gettin’ Down with Discipline

November 23, 2011

(Originally posted 10.11.10)

Discipline. The word alone can send shivers down your spine, evoke this inner need to sit up straight, pull the shoulders back & hold your breath in hopes of being good enough to avoid the negative infliction of punishment that the word brings to mind. Have you ever looked up the definition in the dictionary? In the description you will find words such as punish, penalize, rigor, and chastise. No wonder the word doesn’t bring on the warm fuzzies! With the negative associations that we’ve grown up with & that we’ve come to have with the word in today’s society, it’s no wonder so many of us avoid the word & struggle to be disciplined in certain areas our lives!

However, if we get to the roots of the word discipline, we find a much different story & perspective on the word. Here, we learn that discipline originates from “instructions given to a disciple.” How beautiful is that?? This definition makes me envision the clouds above me parting, rays of sunshine beaming down upon me, & a special mission from the heavens above being entrusted with me. I feel honored & excited to accept the precious duty. I feel inspired to fully grasp the challenge, thought process, or exercise, and learn it inside & out, understand it’s very soul & essence, and to be a living example of task or idea.

Now, take a moment to reflect over your life. What areas do you feel you struggle to maintain balance & peace of mind? Most of us struggle with this balance not for a lack of knowing what to do, but from a lack of consistency & discipline in following through with what will ensure our balance will be maintained. For years I struggled with balancing my weight. This struggle did not come from a lack of knowing that conscious eating & exercise would achieve this. The struggle was because I liked the discipline to follow through with these serving habits consistently. With applying this fresh (actually quite old) perspective on the word discipline, I now strive to be a Disciple of Health. I strive to know it inside & out, understand the very essence & the Zen of health, and be the example—not only to serve my highest self, but to liberate others from the chains of frustration that come with the lack of discipline…which is where the true experience of the modern definition lies.

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