Merging Two Worlds

November 22, 2011

In an attempt to simplify and ensure you are receiving all the great information, tips and tools I share via blogging, I’m re-posting blogs I previously published under my Crusade for Consciousness page here on my Holistic Restoration main blog page. My intention is to add one post a day until all posts have been transferred to this site. Once completed, I’ll be returning to regular, original posts full of inspiration and information. If you’ve read these posts before, I encourage you to re-read them. You are in a different place in your life, you have experienced and learned new thoughts and ideas since you last read them, so they may impact you in a new way as well. As always, I would love for you to kindly share any comments, thoughts, suggestions and feedback! Thanks for your never-ending support and belief in my offerings 🙂

Redefining the World Around Us (Originally posted 10.10.10)

The world around you is determined by your perspective. Everything you see & experience is a result of your perspective. Every one has a different perspective; therefore we have different thoughts, preferences & personalities. A simple shift in perspective will shift what you see & experience as well. If you redefine the areas/things in your life that are not what you prefer, you will begin to fall in love with the world around you, & fall in love with yourself in the process.

I’ve decided to start creating the world around me to my preferences & through this practice I have found that certain words evoke certain emotions in me. I’ve started replacing words that give me a negative feeling with one that gave me a positive feeling, thus shifting my perspective & changing my end result. Things that used to make me shiver now make my heart smile 🙂  This practice brings a lot of fun, joy & peace into my life; and the more I do it, the more natural the process becomes, the greater the results I like.

So, I thought as an act of contribution to myself & others, I would share a word a day for us to contemplate, implement & embody. A word that fuels us spiritually, influences us positively, lifts us up, and evokes in us love & gratitude. We throw words around without respecting their power to attract back to us what we have just thrown. We overlook what an incredible tool words are when we use them consciously & take time to get to the root of their meaning and not just the dull, non-serving definitions they have evolved into over the years of misuse.

One of my great mentors, T. Harv Eker, says that the roots determine the fruits. You can’t plant a peach tree & expect it to produce apples, not matter how much positive thinking, visualization exercises, and prayers you put into it. In the same way, you cannot make any lasting change in your life unless you examine & change the root, core belief system you are living your life by. What better way to change the meaning words have, then to get to the original root meaning of the word? So, that’s what I’m doing.

Nutrient dense soils contribute to a strong root system. Committing to practicing this daily will keep us feed with life-serving nutrients for a stronger root system. Creating stronger roots to produce juicier fruits. Create a life so delicious, you salivate at the thought of sinking your teeth into each day. A life you crave to taste the sweet nectar of on your tongue. A life so wonderful, you feel your heart bursting at the very thought of what can only be described as pure love, experienced by all the senses. Sound good to you? It unequivocally does to me! So lets get started changing the world around you. Check in tomorrow for the first word!

Infinite love, gratitude, blessings & peace,



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