Conscious Creation – Creating Your Reality

July 21, 2011

I’m switching gears today from sharing food from my kitchen to sharing some food for thought. In a video series I’m doing for my virtual coaching clients, I have begun sharing what I believe to be the steps to creating, manifesting, bringing into existence that which you desire to have in your life. My first video focused, naturally, on the first step to the Conscious Creation process. I thought blogging along with the series may help to reinforce the ideas from the videos, and possibly offer additional perspective and insight, as well as share some of these concepts with those not yet in my coaching programs.

Before we get into the first step of the manifestation process, I’d like to share my perspective on what creating your reality is all about. As I have learned from my mentors, and now believe to be true from my own experience, our thoughts create our reality. I believe this is something we are divinely designed to do and when used in a way that brings more bliss, peace, and ease into our lives, it can prove (and has proven to me) to be a very powerful tool for creating the reality I desire to experience. With every thought, in every moment, we are creating, attracting, bringing things into our lives. I have also read and witness plenty of examples from different scientific and spiritual perspectives that back up this philosophy. You can call it the Law of Attraction (like attracts like), Newton’s Third Law of Motion (the mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear), or the power of God/the Universe/our Creator, it’s all the same thing, and we hold the key to unlocking it’s power to either serve us, or keep us stuck in life. Therefore, Conscious Creation is absolutely one of my Keyes to Ease that I utilize in my life, and teach my clients how to use as well.

When I was first introduced to this theory, I was a bit skeptical, yet intrigued. My mind understood the concept, however it was not convinced that I would have chosen to create suffering in my life. Furthermore, my mind told me that I believed I deserved everything wonderful that life has to offer, so why was there still things happening in my life that were out of alignment with my preferences? My mind told me that I didn’t believe I deserved the majority of negative experiences I have had, so how could my beliefs possibly create them? My mentors have taught me that I do not earn a right to an opinion until I’ve experienced something for myself. So, I decided to put their theory to the test. The moment I began taking full, 100% responsibility for everything I have and do not have in my life, my entire world transformed.

Want to know what you really believe, think about, put the majority of your energy toward? Take a good look around you. You have created, attracted, brought into your life everything you are currently experiencing. All of it? Yes. All of it. Everything that is happening in your life, the parts you prefer, the parts you’d prefer would disappear, all of it. Your struggles, your joys, your heartaches, your triumphs. All of it has been made possible thanks to your beliefs. Your mind may tell you otherwise much like mine did, however for a more accurate assessment, look around you. Life is constantly giving us feedback; we simply have to learn how to interrupt it correctly. By bringing awareness to your current beliefs, choices, thoughts, and feelings, you can completely transform your life. I am living proof of this, and I am committed to teaching anyone interested how to do the same.

The starting point of Conscious Creation is to take ownership of your life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This was a bitter pill for me to swallow, however it’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done for myself, and for others, for that matter. What I have found on this journey is that life is showing me feedback of my subconscious, inner core beliefs. Being introduced to a new concept, even one I understand logically and eagerly embrace, takes time to settle into the deeper levels of my subconscious mind. So while my conscious mind may be telling me one set of beliefs, my life was still being created based on my old beliefs and misperceptions. By sticking with this new philosophy and approach to life, putting faith in the feedback I was receiving over listening to what my conscious mind was telling me, over time, I’ve been able to uncover, heal, and replace non-serving misperceptions that my mind was holding onto and carrying forward into my reality. Now, I am able to follow the simple process I’m sharing through this Conscious Creation series, and bring into my life more often that which I desire verses that which I fear or prefer to not experience. I invite you to join me on this journey, and I will support and guide you every step of the way.

To learn more about the process of Conscious Creation, and my Keyes to Ease, I invite you to test out my virtual coaching program for two weeks for only $1.00. If you decide to continue the journey, it’s simply a monthly investment of $26, which you may at cancel any time. If you finish your two weeks of having complete Exclusive access to my trainings, videos, and receiving daily messages of inspiration, tips, and tools, and you find this path is not for you, simply discontinue, and I will love you exactly the same 🙂


  • You are divinely designed to create your reality
  • Life is constantly giving you feedback of your core beliefs
  • Resist the urge to listen to the mind over what life is revealing to you
  • Take 100% responsibility for everything you have and do not have in your life

I appreciate you taking the time to read my posting & I’ll be posting great new information, tips & tools weekly. If you have a recipe you’d like for me to try out & review, topics you’d like to hear about, or any other comments, feedback, or suggestions, kindly send me a message to and I will address the matter in a future blog posting. Be sure to subscribe to my Blog & YouTube Channel, visit my website regularly, and follow me on Facebook & Twitter, to stay plugged in to all of my offerings. As always, I wish you infinite love, blessings, peace, and joy as we take this journey together. I am blessed & honored to share my path with you.


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